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As part of our commitment to earning a place at your table, we invite you to learn more about our beef offerings and the practices that bring our beef from our pastures to your door.

Bulk Beef is a great way to stock your freezer and lock in one good price per pound for the entire beef. This means you'll pay the same price for your favorite cut of steak as you do your ground beef! The quantity of cuts you receive may vary due to the size of animal, thickness of cuts you select when customizing, etc., but you will receive the maximum cuts available for the size beef you select. This is the most cost effective way to buy meat your family will enjoy eating all year long!

Our website has been specifically designed to make the process of ordering bulk beef as easy as possible for our customers. Everything from your harvest date, pickup/delivery selection, and your customized cuts, can be selected and completed right from our Bulk Beef page.

A custom quarter beef will yield about 100-112lbs of bring home meat, a custom half beef will yield about 200-225lbs of bring home meat, and a custom whole beef will yield approximately 390-450lbs of bring home meat. Please keep in mind, that every animal is different, and while we try to keep all of our animals around the same size at harvest time, size and bring home yield may vary slightly.

The average person in 2021 consumed 58lbs of beef per year, so on average about 1lb per week. If you were only consuming 1lb of beef per week:

  • A family of 2 would need around 116lbs per year (A Quarter Beef)
  • A family of 4 would need around 232lbs per year (A Half Beef)
  • A family of 6 would need around 348lbs per year (A Whole Beef)
  • A quarter beef will typically fill a regular refrigerator freezer.
  • A half beef will fill about half of a chest freezer.
  • A whole beef will take up an entire chest freezer (20-30 cu. ft.)

Our custom beef orders are divided into seasons. You can reserve a spot for Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall at any time. In fact, we encourage our customers to reserve ahead of time to ensure that there are beefs available at their desired harvest time.

Winter Harvest
December 1 - End of February

Spring Harvest

March 1 - End of May

Summer Harvest

June 1 - End of August

Fall Harvest

September 1 - End of November

Yes! For our customer's convenience, we offer payment plans through Affirm, a 3rd party company, allowing our customers to payout their final invoice over a period of time. Please note, 4 Arrows Cattle Co. is not responsible for approving or declining applications, nor do they control the interest rate or time period granted to applicants. Affirm runs a low credit check, and you will know upon submission if you have been approved for financing.

*Interest rates are typically 0% for a set length of time. However, interest rate and time period are subject to applicants credit score, and again, are determined by Affirm, not 4 Arrows Cattle Company.

The processing fee is a separate cost from the beef itself and is the fee paid to the butcher for their processing efforts. This cost may vary depending on the selections and additional add-ons you choose when you are customizing your bulk beef order.

  • Quarter Beef processing fees ranged from $104 to $225.
  • Half Beef processing fees range from $208 to $450.
  • Whole Beef processing fees range from $415 to $900.

After the animal is taken to the butcher for processing, they hang and dry age for 14 days and then the butcher needs around a week to cut and freeze the beef. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your beef to be ready for pickup.

You will receive an email confirmation after you place your order to let you know we've received your deposit - we'll reserve your animal as soon as that deposit is received.

When we take your animal to the butcher, we'll send you a final invoice via email. This email will include details for the butcher location and pickup if you chose the pickup option. If you chose to have your beef delivered, you'll receive an email with an approximate date that 4 Arrows Cattle Company deliver your beef along with an approximate delivery time window.


Contact information for both options will be within the email should you need to make alternate arrangements.


If you would like to inquire about delivery dates before placing your order, please contact us via email.


If you have placed your order and opted to have your beef delivered and you'd like to discuss delivery dates, please give us a call: (501) 270-0737.

The hanging weight is the weight of the animal after it has been killed, blood drained, and has had it's head, feet, hide, organs, and entrails removed. The hanging weight is about 60% of the live weight. So for example, if the live weight of the animal was 1000lbs, the hanging weight would be about 600lbs. This is the weight your price is based off of. The cut and packaged meat is about 60% of the hanging weight. Thus, the same 1000lb animal would yield around 360lbs of packaged meat.

Should you decide you would like your beef delivered, we will gladly deliver within a 200 mile radius of our ranch for $3 a loaded mile with a $200 minimum. Deliveries are scheduled every week on Thursdays. All deliveries must be scheduled via email which you may send to Please ensure someone is there to receive and sign for your product at time of delivery. Beef will not be left without a signature from the designated receiver. Invoices must be paid in full before deliveries will be made.

We understand that life happens, and we try to be as accommodating as we can for our customers.


However, due to the nature of this order, we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges on deposits or for any part of the product once cut to your customization.


When you place an order for bulk beef, that animal is reserved for you and no longer available to purchase for anyone else.


All deposits are non-refundable. Should you need to cancel your order, you will lose your deposit, but you will not be held to payment of the full animal.


We do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges but, if for some reason, you encounter a problem with the beef you received, please reach out to us immediately, and we will do our best to assist with a solution on a case by case basis.

We understand that things happen, however, if there is a scheduling conflict with your delivery, 4 Arrows Cattle Company MUST be notified 24 hours prior to your delivery date. Please give us a call at (501) 270-0737 or send us an email to let us know you need to reschedule your delivery date.


If we are not notified 24 hours prior to delivery OR if we arrive to make your delivery and no one is home, you will incur additional fees for redelivery:

  • $200 No-Show & Handling Fee
  • Second Delivery Fee to redeliver your order ($3 per mile with a $200 minimum)
  • $5/Day Storage Fee to hold your beef in our freezer


Please make every effort to communicate with us if a change needs to be made. We are happy to accommodate those needs given the appropriate time to do so.

Yes. Our butcher will examine the condition of the organs upon processing the beef. If the organs are still in good condition when removed, you may request to keep them.

Yes. Soup bones typically come from the front leg. The meat is left on and cut into 2" thick pieces. Marrow bones typically come from the back leg. The meat is removed, and the shank is cut in half length ways.

If stored at the appropriate temperatures of 0° F (-18°C) in sealed, airtight packaging, your beef will remain safe for consumption indefinitely. However, over time, the quality and taste of the meat does deteriorate. For best quality, consume within 12 months.

Both of our butchers finish our product in a transparent, vacuum sealed package that helps seal the freshness of your beef for a minimum of a year.

We find that vacuum sealed packaging allows for easier (and cleaner) thawing as well. Each package is clearly labeled, so finding the exact cut you're looking for is easier when you're digging through a freezer full of meat.

For the ground beef you receive in a custom order, the beef will be packaged in sleeves.

Individual USDA Inspected retail cuts, however, are in transparent, vacuum sealed packages like our other cuts.

All of our beef is raised right here on our ranch in Southeast Missouri. They are raised on sunshine and grass from our wide open fields from birth until the last 120 days. The last 120 days they are given a high-quality finishing feed mix to give them the mouth-watering taste, tenderness, and marbling Black Angus beef is famous for. We never ever use antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones for our beef within this program. We do believe in handling our animals with care and good stewardship, so if for some reason an animal requires intervention, that animal is pulled from this program and will be used for alternate means or offered locally to those who have full disclosure of the animal's history.

Never. The meat we sell at 4 Arrows Cattle Co. is 100% antibiotic free. We do believe in being good stewards of our animals and diligently caring for their needs, so if there is a life threatening situation or illness, therapeutic antibiotics will be administered, and that animal will be pulled from our beef program. Animals given antibiotics are safe to eat after the standard withdrawal period, but we want a clear designation for our customers that our beef is always 100% antibiotic free, so they can be confident in the product they receive when they order from our ranch. After the safe and proper withdrawal period, we will find other outlets for the animal like local family or friends who understand and are okay with the history of the animal.

Yes! Our beef is 100% free of any growth hormones or added hormones.

No. The animals in our custom and retail beef programs are never treated with vaccinations.

Our custom bulk beef come from an inspected facility, but are not USDA inspected. Our retail cuts are USDA inspected.

Our beef is 100% grassfed until the last 120 days before harvest, where we add a finishing feed to their diet to add that tender, juicy flavor Black Angus cattle are known for!

The beef for our custom bulk beef orders is hung and dry aged for 14 days. The beef for our retail cuts is hung and dry aged for 21 days.

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At our ranch, we know that feeding your family is a big responsibility, and we pride ourselves on providing quality beef we know you’ll both love and feel good about serving them. From our fields to your table, it’s a privilege to be your ranchers.