Half Beef

Deposit $400.00


Complete the Beef Cut Sheet below to customize your custom half beef order to your exact specifications. Our bulk beef is processed year-round in four seasonal harvests. Your pick-up or delivery date depends on your order date.


Good To Know

  • Bulk Beef is $4.50/lb Hanging Weight
  • You’ll Receive an Average of 220-225lbs of Beef
  • The Average Total Cost for Your Beef will be $1,485-$1,688
  • You’ll Pay Butcher Fees Directly to the Butcher
  • Butcher Fees Average From $208-$450 for a Custom Half Beef
  • All Cuts are Vacuum Sealed for Freshness
  • Our Beef is Dry Aged for 14 Days


Buying a custom half beef is a great way to stock your freezer and lock in one low price per pound for each cut of beef, from ground beef to steaks (which usually sell for a much higher price per pound). There is a $400 deposit to secure your quarter beef. Your total price for your beef is based on the hanging weight at $4.50/lb. You will pay your butcher fees in addition to the cost of the beef directly to the butcher.

On average, a custom half beef will yield about 200-225lbslbs of take-home meat. This typically fits in a refrigerator freezer, but will take up the entirety of that space, or about half of a chest freezer.

For your convenience, we have provided a custom cut sheet to allow you to select your preferred cuts right here on our site. Ground beef may be packaged in 1lb or 2lb packages or pre-made patties.

All of our Black Angus cattle are raised right here on our ranch in open fields under Southeast Missouri sunshine! Our beef is always vaccine free, antibiotic free, and hormone free. They are completely grass fed until the last 120 days before harvest, where we add a finishing feed to their diet to add that tender, juicy flavor Black Angus cattle are known for!

After the butchering process, our beef is hung and dry aged for 14 days. Buying a half beef in bulk, and customized to your preferences, is a great way to get nutrient-dense, high quality beef in your freezer from a local rancher you can trust.

Please Note: Every animal is different. We do our best to gauge weights to give you the best estimate we can to help you plan accordingly, but do understand that these are estimates. Final weights may be more or less.

Should you decide you would like your beef delivered, we will gladly deliver within a 200 mile radius of our ranch for $3 a loaded mile with a $200 minimum. Deliveries are scheduled every week on Thursdays. All deliveries must be scheduled via email which you may send to Please ensure someone is available and on-site to receive and sign for your product at time of delivery. Beef will not be left without a signature from the designated receiver. Invoices for your beef and your butcher processing fees must be paid in full before deliveries will be made.


If You Miss Your Delivery Date

We understand that things happen, however, if there is a scheduling conflict with your delivery, 4 Arrows Cattle Company MUST be notified 24 hours prior to your delivery date. Please give us a call at (501) 270-0737 or send us an email to let us know you need to reschedule your delivery date.

If we are not notified 24 hours prior to delivery OR if we arrive to make your delivery and no one is home, you will incur additional fees for redelivery:

  • $200 No-Show & Handling Fee
  • Second Delivery Fee to redeliver your order ($3 per mile with a $200 minimum)
  • $5/Day Storage Fee to hold your beef in our freezer

Please make every effort to communicate with us if a change needs to be made. We are happy to accommodate those needs given the appropriate time to do so.

A half beef will, on average, fill half of an empty chest freezer or half of an empty full-size standing freezer.

(14) Rib Steaks OR (14) Boneless Ribeye Steaks
(4) Sirloin Tip Steaks
(14) T-Bone Steaks OR (7) Filet & (12) NY Strip Steaks
(6) Boneless Sirloin Steaks OR (8) Bone-In Sirloin Steaks
(4) Arm Roasts
(6) Chuck Roasts
(3) Sirloin Tip Roasts
(1) Whole Brisket OR (2) Half Briskets
(150) Ground Beef – 1lb Packages

Pick 2 of the 4 Options
(18) Round Steaks
(32) Cube Steaks
(Up to 20) Stew Meat – 1lb Packages
(8) Short Ribs

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  1. Sarah Seibert

    We purchase a half beef every year. From our research, the pricing is great as you are getting family raised, natural beef without antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines. The pasture-raised, corn-finished beef tastes amazing – so much better than anything we’ve found in restaurants or supermarkets. So grateful to have ranchers who produce high quality beef for our family to enjoy.

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